From Austin, Texas, Steven classifies himself appropriately as "roots rock/Americana". If his debut album is any indication, he has a promising future ahead of him. With an American Aquarium/Lucero feel to his sound, he is a welcome addition to the burgeoning Americana scene.”

— No Depression

If you happen to make your way to Austin, be sure to catch Steven Ray Will follow Bob Schneider on Monday nights at The Saxon Pub. One of the best one-two punches in a town overflowing with songwriting talent.”

— Americana Roots

Once Upon A Time may be a debut album but Steven Ray Will is definitely no amateur... this one haunts for all the right reasons.”

— Austin Chronicle

About Steven Ray Will:

   Roots rock/Americana from Austin, TX. Having toured the U.S. and abroad for years as a sideman, Steven shifted his focus to writing and performing his own original songs in and around Austin. Leading to weekly residencies, the formation of his own band and the recording of his debut album "Once Upon A Time", which landed him national exposure, critical acclaim, an official SXSW showcase and a European distribution deal. 

   "The songs on Once Upon A Time were about wanderlust really. Hitting the highway was the only goal. Getting in a van and playing guitar with my friends. This new one is definitely more introspective. I went from trying to keep a band together and keep everyone engaged in the writing and recording process, to writing and recording in complete isolation. Maybe someday I'll find a balance but for better or worse, what's coming out now is 100% me." says Steven. 

   Catch Steven Ray Will on tour in support of his label debut, "The Leaver". Out now on Austin based 1989 Records.

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